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Tags:  california   family-album   fort-ross   mobilography   photographs   travel   views 

Late trip to Fort Ross

Last weekend we made a trip to Fort Ross. This historic place is located about 130 miles (200 km) to the North-West from us, and is known as the southernmost settlement in the Russian colonization of North America in the 19th century.

Posted on Dec 30 2007, 23:23 in category "Personal" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
Tags:  Bright   Mark   california   family-album   photographs   poodles   santa-barbara   travel   views   x-mas 

Santa Barbara week-end

On the weekend of 21-23 of December 2007 we made our first all-family trip to Santa Barbara. We enjoyed Santa Barbara Mission, botanic gardens, the wharf and the views of the State street decorated for Christmas.

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Tags:  california   photographs   santa-clara   silicon-valley   views 

Santa Clara City Library

A few photographs of Santa Clara City Library at night time.

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Tags:  california   family-album   travel   views 

Weekend on Route 1

New photographs are here! Beautiful Pacific beaches, old lighthouse, surfers at sunset, Santa Cruz at night and more.

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Tags:  Mark   california   family-album   travel   views 

Yacht Cruise @ Santa Cruz

At last, a few photographs from our yacht cruise with Taya, Lesha and Anya in July 2007.

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Tags:  Mark   california   family-album   santana-row   silicon-valley   views 

Mark's 3rd month album

Marik's third month album has been started! Plus a few photographs of Santana Row.

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Tags:  california   photographs   silicon-valley   views 

Silicon Valley places and views

Several additions in the Silicon Valley Places and Views photography section.

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