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About me and my website

Hi, I am Olga Bobrova, the Dragonness of this site. My name on the net often spells like 'oley' or 'oleyka'. I created this website to feature my favorite projects, share ideas, artistic and photographic pieces, and whatever else comes to my mind. Feel free to wander around ;)

Who am I:

This is always a tough one! I've been developing web sites and applications, and designing computer interfaces since 1994. I contributed to quite a number of projects and businesses, with a varied range of expertise requirements and personal involvement. So the most accurate description of me as a professinal would probably be a web-developer? Well... maybe!

In 2009 I opened an online retail business Petsimo offering sporting, activity and safety gear for dog owners. The project has proved to be a big success, but it started diverting me from the true passion, which is computer programming. Hence...

In early 2013 I decided to make a comeback in the dear geek world, beginning with catching up with the new trends, tools, frameworks and technologies. This time I am really focusing on developing consistent hardcore programming skills, which would allow me to participate in challenging new projects that require expert programming capabilities. I could not be more excited about what's awaiting ahead!

A formal description of what I have already accomplished can be found in my resume.

How to contact me:

You can find me on any of the resources listed on this page, or drop me an e-mail at oleyka@gmail.com.

Where am I from:

As my name implies, I am a Russian girl. I grew up in the city of Ulyanovsk, Russia and graduated from Ulyanovsk State University where I studied applied mathematics, computer programming (yeah!) and linguistics.

I currently reside in the best place on Earth, the heart of the IT world - the Silicon Valley in California. I live in a nice little house with my dear Lev, our kids Mark and Alisa and a very smart standard poodle named Bright.

My interests:

Apart from my professional activities and Photography I am greatly interested in digital image processing, including Retouching and restoring old photographs and pictures.

I am a big fancier of canines, with poodles being my passion of over 25 years. Bright and I have been practicing and competing in obedience, rally and disc-dogging.

Why Dragonia?

According to Chinese horoscope, I was born on the year of the Fire Dragon. This, along with some features of my character has convinced Lev that my true name must be Rainbow Dragon. Dragonia.info is a little space where my inner world is reflected onto the virtual world of the Internet.

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