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Quicklinks for Web Wizards

In my effort to figure out what would be the best structure for my site, I have decided to get rid of the "Time savers" section. Instead I will continue publishing thematic links that I consider useful under a separate blog category – "Goodies". In this post I am arranging the links to various magazines and tools, which I consider particularly handy for myself as a web-developer and UI designer. I hope these would be useful for other people like me. And if you have something to add to the list – you are more than welcome to do so by leaving me a comment underneath the article.

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It's in the label

I have recently discovered for myself the delightful and educational activity of designing wine labels. In this article I share my findings about label stock offered by several suppliers.

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Guru Awards 2007 winners' gallery

This year's Guru Awards winners' gallery. Guru Awards is a special Photoshop competition held exclusively for the attendees of the Photoshop World conference.

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JS-Kit, shiny and new!

The website of an amazingly popular JS-Kit project has been completely resedigned.

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Tags:  UN   design   world-wide 

Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites

UNESCO Moscow, has recently issued the Russian translation of a Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites: improving quality for citizens, prepared by Minerva Europe (MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation) project.

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February 2007 speedlinks

A midnight raid over Lionet's LJ has once again revealed many inspiring and resourceful Internet back-waters.

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Advice to a Young Artist

An interesting piece of reading - an article by Shunya entitled Advice to a Young Artist. His whole website is very inspiring and interesting!

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