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February 2007 speedlinks

Posted on Feb 03 2007, 10:03 in category "Goodies" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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A midnight raid over Lionet's LJ has once again revealed many inspiring and resourceful Internet back-waters. The following are just a couple of bookmarks I made for myself:

  • http://www.omami.ru/ - a blog by an industrial designer with lots of great ideas and valuable links - truly inspiring! [ in Russian ]
  • http://www.designet.ru/ - Russian Industrial Design Network. Contests, interviews and much more...
  • http://www.uckss.narod.ru/ - the website of Ulyanovsk Kennel Club. Nothing special, except for the notion itself: our kennel club... is now on the web. It's like the two worlds have suddenly united. [ in Russian again ]

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