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Posted on Oct 12 2009, 16:16 in category "Goodies" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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In my effort to figure out what would be the best structure for my site, I have decided to get rid of the "Time savers" section. Instead I will continue publishing thematic links that I consider useful under a separate blog category – "Goodies". In this post I am arranging the links to various magazines and tools, which I consider particularly handy for myself as a web-developer and UI designer. I hope these would be useful for other people like me. And if you have something to add to the list – you are more than welcome to do so by leaving me a comment underneath the article.

Graphic elements of web sites

  • Favicon generator – this was the only tool from the bunch that I tried, that managed to correctly generate a favicon.ico file out of a 24-bit PNG with Alpha-transparency. Every time I need it – I cannot find it in my bookmarks. I put it as the first one on the list in order not to lose it again.
  • Ajax Load – very handy generator of progress indicators with many options to choose from.
  • Fresh Badge Generator – Web 2.0 badge generator with a big set of options and customizations (see a sample to the right).
  • Iconza – this tool generates a set of typical icons to match your particular site's colors. Though it's in Russian, it's pretty straightforward to use.

Photo galleries

There are numerous free gallery generators available now, both standalone and based on popular libraries and frameworks.

Javascript frameworks, libraries and solutions

Do it yourselves

  • Kuler by Adobe – convenient tool for creating color themes for your site. If you need some inspiration to get started – there's a big collection of color palettes created by other users, some of them are very nice and original.
  • Grid Calculator – this tool would come handy for web-coders when they need to calculate/adjust the total width of a site or a web page. Nothing fancy, just plain useful.
  • Web 2.0 design kit – simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make Web 2.0-ish headers.

There's something I want to do, just don't know what...


I do not mention any resources on logo design here in this post –  there are so many of them that they call for a separate one.

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