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Time Savers (CSS)

The following is my collection of time-saving tips for web coders. Every time I work on a project I have to keep in mind all browsers' quirks and compatibility issues, and remember the best and most standards-compliant workarounds. This page not only lists the problems and solutions in CSS implementations, but also provides links to the corresponding in-depth case studies and abstracts from the standards.

IE issue: relative positioning & having a layout

Whenever you use relative positioning of an element, the element looses its hasLayout attribute in IE, which causes all kinds of weird behaviors. To avoid this problemm use zoom: 1; or any other hasLayout trigger.

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IE issue: z-index value & positioned elements

In two words: In Internet Explorer positioned elements generate a new stacking context, starting with a z-index value of 0. Therefore z-index doesn't work correctly.

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IE issue: box model discrepancy

This item is just a reminder about the differences between the standardized box model and IE's own vision of one. If you are using HTML 4.01 Strict or XHTML 1 Strict, however, it makes IE obey the standards.

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