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Pedigree dogs exposed: the aftermath

BBC documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" first broadcasted in August 2008 literally shook the world. The loud word is out, now what really matters is the response it generates in our society.

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How many journalists does it take to turn The Times into yellow press?

I was sipping my morning latte while looking through the daily news feeds when I stumbled upon a news article about some Russian canine event, published in The Times by some Roger Boyes. As I continued reading, I was getting increasingly disturbed by the content and the tone of the article.

Posted on Sep 19 2007, 20:20 in category "Personal" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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Digital smiley turns 25 today

According to the psycology experts, "smiley face and other emotional icons, known as emoticons, have given people a concise way in e-mail and other electronic messages of expressing sentiments that otherwise would be difficult to detect."

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Apple loyalty and Organic living

Several articles I thought would be worth sharing:

  • Organic Food Not Proven to Be Healthier - I knew that, I knew that! Even super-duper-organic strawberries and apples never tasted as good as those grown in my parents' garden. Having no dangerous additives doesn't make them any richer in vitamins, taste and smell than non-organic produce.
  • 12 Effective Strategies Apple Uses to Create Loyal Customers - this article at InsideCRM is a good overview of Apple's marketing techniques (at least for a non-business type of person like myself).
  • And to make it even for the honey-soaked wording of the previous article, here's another one from International Herald Tribune: Did Apple muff Mac's big chance? written by Randall Stross, a professor of business at SJSU.

Posted on Mar 01 2007, 13:11 in category "Goodies" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
Tags:  UN   design   world-wide 

Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites

UNESCO Moscow, has recently issued the Russian translation of a Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites: improving quality for citizens, prepared by Minerva Europe (MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation) project.

Posted on Dec 10 2006, 12:10 in category "Personal" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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TrekEarth map

One thing I really enjoy about the TrekEarth online community of photographers is that it automatically draws a map of places you have photographed.

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Advice to a Young Artist

An interesting piece of reading - an article by Shunya entitled Advice to a Young Artist. His whole website is very inspiring and interesting!

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