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Apple loyalty and Organic living

Posted on Sep 17 2007, 09:17 in category "Personal" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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Several articles I thought would be worth sharing:

  • Organic Food Not Proven to Be Healthier - I knew that, I knew that! Even super-duper-organic strawberries and apples never tasted as good as those grown in my parents' garden. Having no dangerous additives doesn't make them any richer in vitamins, taste and smell than non-organic produce.
  • 12 Effective Strategies Apple Uses to Create Loyal Customers - this article at InsideCRM is a good overview of Apple's marketing techniques (at least for a non-business type of person like myself).
  • And to make it even for the honey-soaked wording of the previous article, here's another one from International Herald Tribune: Did Apple muff Mac's big chance? written by Randall Stross, a professor of business at SJSU.

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