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Quicklinks for Web Wizards

In my effort to figure out what would be the best structure for my site, I have decided to get rid of the "Time savers" section. Instead I will continue publishing thematic links that I consider useful under a separate blog category – "Goodies". In this post I am arranging the links to various magazines and tools, which I consider particularly handy for myself as a web-developer and UI designer. I hope these would be useful for other people like me. And if you have something to add to the list – you are more than welcome to do so by leaving me a comment underneath the article.

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Time savers

A small new section on my website serves one purpose - to store valuable links to various handy tools and useful resources which help me in the process of website engineering. This is yet another attempt to shorten my enormous list of web bookmarks and perhaps be of any use to somebody else.

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Photo Gallery Engine updated

The second version of my Photo Gallery Engine is now in use at Dragonia.

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