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Cultural Mashup

Posted on Feb 24 2009, 02:42 in category "Personal" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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It is interesting to watch how very different cultures not only co-exist peacefully in the United States, but also mash up into something very special. One very neat example of such mashup is a Paris Baguette cafe, located on Lawrence Square Plaza in the Silicon Valley.

The plaza is filled with Korean businesses, including a supermarket, a hair salon, a very nice Korean-style spa and a Samsung store. As I was passing by one day, I was surprised to spot a French cafeteria right in the middle of it. Yet, the real surprise was awaiting me inside, and I still find it pretty ingenious.

Аll pastries there are labeled in two languages, English and Korean. Korean staff are at the counter and in the kitchen, cooking wonderful croissants and baguettes. And, to complete the picture, a drawing of an Eiffel Tower fills the entire wall of this cozy place. It is such an amazing interplay of cultures, that it would be interesting to learn how it happened to be this way.

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