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Corporate style and logo design

"The details are not the details.They make the design."
– Charles Eames

Creating a new facade is always an exciting and demanding task, whether you are designing a logo, a presentation cover or just a little business card. It requires insight into the company's culture and truly creative thinking.

While I do not specialize in corporate identity design, presetations or advertising, I frequently get requests to design logos, stylish PowerPoint presentations, publication covers and various promotional materials. I put this page together to display samples of my creative work in these areas.

My portfolio also contains: user interface designs, and website designs.

[ JS-Kit Logo ]

JS-Kit project

Overview: I am the proud creator of JS-Kit's cute mascot kitty ;)

My involvement in the project also includes designing and updating the website, creating various promotional materials, product testing, and keeping Marik busy while his dad discusses business issues on the phone.

[ ReadyNAS RAIDar Widget Logo ]


Overview: The icon image which serves as a logo of the ReadyNAS RAIDar Widget developed for the Infrant Technologies, Inc.

See related: ReadyNAS RAIDar Widget UI.

[ Logo ]


Overview: The logo designed for the PocketPC Software Development company XComSoft.

[ WomenWatch Presentation ]


Overview: Presentation cover designed for the WomenWatch initiative.

See related: WomenWatch Portal design and development.

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[ Integrated Systems Logo ]

Integrated Systems

Overview: Several variants of the logo were created for Intergated Systems, LLC. Though the company decided not to use any of the proposed designs as is, elements of these logo designs were incorporated in the previously existing variant.

[ simtel Logo ]


Overview: The logo I designed for Ulyanovsk Internet service provider simtel. It was created in 1998.

Various promotional materials, banners and ads of matching style were also created.

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