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Golden Bull

Overview: This is a retouched photograph of the Golden Bull monument located in the epicenter of NYC business district. I do not remember how I managed to take such a lousy shot with badly overlit skies and nearly black bull... I was making my first steps in Photography at that time. While I was playing with levels in Photoshop, trying to extract at least some details from poor photograph, the idea came to my mind to make the Bull look as if it was really made of gold. Here you can see the results of my experiments. I especially like how the enhanced photograph looks when printed on metallic photo-paper. I am still trying to print a copy for myself: every time I print one, it immediately goes to a friend or a colleague of mine. VBG!

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PS: They say that touching the Great Bull makes you rich... which makes me wonder what good can retouching that Bull bring. I would ask for inspiration.

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