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Naida was the most kind-hearted and wise doberman I ever met. She belonged to Toma, a friend of mine, who loved her dearly. When Naida went to the Rainbow Bridge at the noble age of 13, Toma showed me this picture of 9-months old Naida. She told me with a sigh that she took it to several so-called professionals and asked them if they could restore it for her. Nobody wanted to give it a try. During the past 12 years the picture faded out, broke into halves, had ink and coffee spots on it, as well as holes from being hanged on a wall with a pin. I scanned this 6in. x 9in. photograph at 600 dpi and spent the whole night working on it. At 10 a.m. I fell asleep from tiredness and when I woke up, only a couple minor corrections needed to be done. Finally, I printed the photograph in its original size at Costco. I am very glad that Toma has this restored picture now, as well as a new doberman girl, beautiful and energetic Cara.

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