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Blogging on not blogging

Posted on Jan 17 2009, 22:42 in category "Personal" [ Permalink | 0 comments ]
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When I resumed my blog in September 2008, I promised myself to post at least one article every week. Lev was skeptical of this promise; according to him people often start blogging, thinking they are full of brilliant ideas, only to find out in a week or two that they've got nothing to write about.

I took this into account and figured that if I write down every worthy idea before it slips out of my head, I would be immune to this particular problem. Hah! So here I am, with at least a dozen of articles sketched down in my lined notebook with a varying degree of incompleteness and this blog frozen for two months. It turned out that my worst enemy is not the lack of ideas, but rather the difficulty I have in writing an essay with a conclusion which I would stand for.

When I start thinking on a particular topic, I often have a very vague and incomplete idea of the subject. As I dig into it, trying to build and express my solid, weighted opinion, I inevitably stumble upon its controversy, feeling unable to make my own point on the subject. The more I think of it, the more complicated it becomes, no matter how sure I was in the beginning. It's as if my jaws were not big enough to bite off a piece I was aiming for.

I don't know how to proceed with this... Maybe I should stop trying to write conclusions, just post articles as they are, with all their controversy and non-sence, in the hope that one day I would come to understanding. Maybe I should stop trying to write something meaningful altogether... It is also very likely, that this isn't even a problem with essay writing, but rather my inability to deal with the complexity of certain issues, to build big-picture points of view that would fully satisfy me. And sadly, if the latter is true, no writing techniques would work...

Does anybody have a good advice?

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